The NHL 2019-2020 season will be starting this October on Premier Sports, live games on Premier Sports.

Q: What do I get? 

A:  Exclusive coverage of up to 15 games a week. Live games are exclusive to Premier (and our sister channel FreeSports) and include nearly all of the Playoffs and every game from the Stanley Cup Final. Games we select for live coverage are not available live through until 24 hours later.

- NHL "On the Fly" every day

Q: How to I make sure a game I have recorded live does not end before the game has finished?

A: This is a common problem with live sports and particularly NHL that can go to overtime. We give every live game 3 hours to air which is normally more than enough. We can't change durations at the last minute to extend the slot, nor can we give every game a longer slot than is normally necessary as this would conflict with other live events on the channel. Although you can extend the length of every record by 10 minutes in the SKY settings menu we recommend you record the program that follows to avoid a record cutting out. The alternative is to record the 1st repeat of a game that  is normally shown the next morning/afternoon. This will have been edited to fit the slot.

Other information relating to our coverage and that of Live online.

A: Included in the new 5 year contract for NHL broadcasts in the UK is an agreement that means NHL Gamecenter Live blackout restrictions apply to games selected for live broadcast by Premier Sports & FreeSports. Games that we may join in progress we allow GCL to show live.

This was agreed with the NHL based on the enhanced rights fee and the need for us to maximise and protect our investment in the sport.

Q: What games will be blocked live on GameCenter online?

A: 12-15 games we select to broadcast live each week, Most of the playoff games from rounds 1 and 2, all of the playoff games from round 3, the Stanley Cup Final matches, the Winter Classic and other outdoor games and the All-Star matches.

Q: When can GameCenter show the games they have to block in the UK?

A: They can make games available after 24 hours after the live game.